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If there has been one most fertile ground for Halloween costume ideas, it is none other than movies. You have Spartans from movie 300, you have classics like Superman, Spiderman and Batman, and not to forget the movie franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars. But these characters have become so commonplace now that you talk about any Halloween party and there would be people dressed up in one or other of these costumes. Now people, especially the young generation, wants some change, something new, something different.

If you are one of those looking for some fresh ideas, you may want to think a little further outside the box. Remember the underground cult film – Donnie Darko, which starred Jake Gyllenhall. The movie spawned one of the creepiest and menacing characters in movies ever – Frank the Bunny. When you hear the name, it definitely sounds anything but scary. However, the reality is that he is a creepy heady nemesis haunting Donnie, who happens to be a schizophrenic. This movie was described as intense, compelling, evocative, sad, potent and heroic, and the character Frank the bunny is a chief reason why. There were also taglines spoken by him that became quite popular.

Welcome to FrankTheBunnyCostume.Com where we invite you to explore the dark imaginings of the mind of Donnie Darko!  Frank the Bunny…you have got to love him. He’s the ultimate combination of cuddly, loving bunny rabbit and hideous, creepy monster.  What’s more frightening than that? Explore the parallel universe of the mind with spirit guide/bunny rabbit/Frank/creepster when you deck yourself out as the famed spirit guide Frank the Bunny in a Frank the Bunny Costume.

For those of you who have no idea who Frank is, he is a human sized rabbit that became a cult favorite with the release of the movie Donnie Darko.  Ever since then, kids and adults alike have had a passion for Frank and his uncanny way of guiding the spirit through life, while others just think he looks wickedly cute. Either way, dressing like Frank in a fun Frank the Bunny Costume is a great way to get some laughs heading your way (and possibly some screams). This is one costume you’ll need to purchase.  We don’t see even the most talented seamstress among you duplicating Frank!

The most popular Frank the Bunny Costume features a plush format that is much like a fake fur jumpsuit (warning this can get hot).  You will usually get attached gloves that look like rabbit paws and tall bunny rabbit ears that will stand up eerily like Frank’s.  The costume will usually have a cute rabbit tail to sort of take away from the ferocity of Frank himself when taken as a whole.  True to life Frank the Bunny costume options will also have yellowish teeth, white eyes and a frightening look about them that will allow you to scare small children into abandoning their pursuit of Halloween treats!  All kidding aside, this is one “bad” costume that will definitely be the talk of your neighborhood or your office party.

You can find shoe covers at some costume stores for covering up your shoes. Be sure to dress lightly beneath all this “fur” because you will likely get pretty heated up in there.

Thank you for stopping by FrankTheBunnyCostume.Com to check out our tips and advice for channeling your inner Frank the Bunny this Halloween or anytime!

Though the movie couldn’t do good business, the character became very famous. However, Frank the Bunny costume didn’t become as commonplace as did Spiderman or Superman. So this is the right time to break the ice. Frank the Bunny costume captures the character in this entirety. You would look original as well as unique in a Donnie Darko Frank costume. Frank the Bunny costume set includes plush shag fur coveralls that come with attached gloves and a deluxe overhead latex Frank mask. You must have known people who are freaked out by the mere name of clowns. Well Frank the Bunny costume may do the very same for rabbits.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Be the scariest bunny on the block with your Frank the Bunny costume when you accessorize in a ghoulish way. Frank the Bunny makes a statement on his own but accessories such as a blood covered knife or hammer make for even more screams. For blood curdling fun, choose a large doll with its arms cut off and bloodied from torture. You may choose to carry a head in one hand for even more scary fun. Although this costume may be a bit warm for some climates, you may find that in areas of the nation where Halloween falls during colder weather, it may be necessary to dress your trick or treater in some warm clothing beneath the costume.

Measuring for Your Costume

Hop on over to your measuring tape and take your measurements prior to ordering a Frank the Bunny costume! After all, a poorly fitting bunny costume can make your bunny ears feel like drooping! Measure your waist at your natural waistline, and then measure your chest and your hips at their widest part. Next, measure your inseam, which is the seam that runs down your inner thigh from the seam at the center of the crotch, all the way to the hem. Compare these figures to the size chart in the product listing to find the best size for you.

Those of you who watched Donnie Darko will know that there can be a dark side to being a bunny as well. If you would like to travel down the dark path, then the Frank the Bunny costume is just what you are looking for. It is menacing, especially the face, and it would be a good idea to avoid stepping out in it with small children around because you would put them off bunnies forever. The costume is more like a jumpsuit in soft velvety material. You can add on options like yellowing teeth and large white balls for eyes to make the costume look like the original version.

Frank the Bunny – Halloween Costume

Halloween is approaching fast. What started originally as simple treating or trick has gone on to become one of the biggest businesses in the US as well as many other parts of the world.   People spend huge amount of money on Halloween costumes as well as yard decorations during the Halloween season.

If you want to try an out of the ordinary Halloween costume this season, then you may consider getting yourself a Frank the Bunny Costume.

Although, the movie didn’t do well at the box office, the inimitable characters & twisted storyline quickly helped this movie to become a cult classic down the line.

One of the largely popular as well as highly recognized characters from the movie was none other than Frank the Bunny. Donnie has a troubled history and has been seeing a psychiatrist for his problems. He gets visions of Frank, a frightening and demoniac looking bunny or rabbit.   He is dressed in a gray bunny suit and has razor teeth; he has white and hollow eyes. Very creepy indeed! Thus very much fit for a Halloween costume and ambience.

Frank the Bunny costume is going to be a huge hit with anyone who has happened to watch the movie. It is indeed a great way to let people know that you took time to come up with an out of ordinary costume, and just didn’t want to settle with everyday costume ideas. So with this costume on you would be all set to haunt people in an out of the box way and people, though afraid, would appreciate your highly unique way of frightening them.

Frank the Bunny Costume includes a full bodysuit with attached gloves and a creepy bunny mask. The mask usually has the terrifying teeth as well as the white eyes.

Dress up as Frank the Bunny this Halloween and get ready to shake things up this time.

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